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Healing face BUTTR

Healing face BUTTR

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we have crafted a very fluffy facial repair butter. This is Shea Butter based and made with organic high-quality carrier oils that may help damaged skin, acne, dark spots, dry skin, hyperpigmentation, etc. This perfect BUTTR can be applied to the face and does its best work during the nighttime. This will last you more than 6 months. A little goes a long way and you will absolutely see a difference in your skin! Shea Butter alone may have your skin glowing and blemish-free due to its amazing healing properties however when these carrier oils are combined they produce amazing fluffy butter that will change your skin's life.

When to use it?  ☀ AM + ☽ PM

How to use:

  • after applying all water-based products Apply desired amount onto dry skin, rub it into the face and neck or body.

  • Follow up with an oil-based serum, or SPF

shelf life 12 months 

Full Ingredients List

Shea butter, Sweet almond oil, Avocado Oil, Tamanu oil, Safflower oil, Olive oil,  Evening Primrose Oil, Argan oil, Camellia seed oil, walnut oil, chamomile extract, Ginko Biloba extract, geranium extract, calendula extract, aloe vera extract, Jojoba seed oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, black seed oil, organic raw honey, Tea Tree, arrowroot powder, beeswax


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
brooke <3
dunno what kinda crack cocaine methamphetamine is in this

i bought this cause of all the other reviews and lemme tell u girl THEY WERE RIGHT... and i mean a lil too right 😭😭 this shit got my face feeling like a pair of baby bootycheeks lathered in the softest butter that god made and sent down to earth... this fixed my acne AND rosacea 🤨 ms girl imma need u to tell me what u put in this cause it can't be legal 😭

I didn't think one product could do this much

I'm writing this review after only one week of using this, and I feel like I have my face back. My skin is brighter, clearer, and smoother looking. I've been seeing a dermatologist for over a year for persistent adult acne, and this cream has helped more than so many of the multiple prescription-only drugs I've tried. I'm genuinely in awe of how good it is.

Julia Dunlop
Oh my gosh

You know when you see reviews on something & they are so good you think they have to be fake, this can't be this good? That's what made me try this stuff & OH MY GOD. It's incredible! It's really that good! It only took a few days of using it to notice a difference & for it to quickly become a new must have. Idk what kind of magic is in this stuff but it works, it works fast & it smells incredible. Thank you! Will be buying again & again & again

Best thing I’ve used

I’ve always had horrible acne along with acne scars since i started my teen years that never seemed to stop. After trying everything OTC, nothing worked. After using this for about a little over 2 weeks my face is completely acne free! I noticed a significant difference in my acne scars as my complexion looks hydrated and brighter. A small amount goes such a long way. Definitely will continue to shop the items you create!

Jakobi Taylor
Miracle butter

This is amazing, I have oily skin that’s acne and hyperpigmentation prone. I use this as a spot treatment and I wake up the next morning and the pimple is literally just gone. Like seriously, gone. Sometimes I put it on my whole face before I go to bed and I wake up to smooth hydrated but not oily skin. I also have been using it on my acne that I get on my chest and shoulders and it’s been doing wonders as well!! If you have any similar issues to me just buy it already